EMEA Markets offers its customers the following Services:

Sales Services
On behalf of its customers, EMEA Markets manages all sales operations and sales activities in the assigned territory.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)
EMEA Markets supports its customers to streamline their sales and marketing processes to establish a leading cloud-based CRM solution (Salesforce).

Channel Development

On behalf of its customers, EMEA Markets establish contact with qualified channel partners, defines a winning channel strategy and executes sales and technical education programs.

Management Consulting & Project Management
EMEA Markets provides its customers on request with management consulting, coaching, training, interim management, project and bid management.

Trade Show Representation
EMEA Markets represents its customers at leading European trade shows.

EMEA Markets supports its customers in developing a successful Go-to-Market strategy: Opportunity identification, competitive strategy and positioning, demand generation and management.

Market-taylored Product Evaluations
The EMEA Markets network of business representatives analyzes its customers product portfolio with regards to market needs. As a result, its customers will be equipped with a detailed product evaluation report.